Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Final Countdown: A Students Perspective (Holiday Edition)

With the Fall 2009 semester coming to a close, the computer labs are getting fuller and fuller with students (including myself) trying to finish of their final essays or projects. Panic and some anxiety can make for a hostile mix when issues such as printing errors or the inability to access a computer are encountered. Librarian Anne, who takes count on occasion, clocked in with 78 students at one time on the second floor in the Reference Lab. “I once had 4 meebos [the library instant messaging service], 2 students physically in-front of me, and two phone calls all happening at the same time!” she stated.

So, what is this coming to? Maybe a little holiday cheer, patience, and courtesy. Don’t use the computers just to play around and waste time before class; give up the computer to a fellow student or library patron who needs it. Also, know that the librarians and assistants are here to help but may be a bit bogged down with other students. Just be patient and your issues or questions will be solved as quickly as they can be. Otherwise, feel free to continue using the FREE printing services, computer time, reference materials, and so on that the CLC Library provides.

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