Monday, November 23, 2009

Citation Help: A Students Perspective

Even with instruction and assistance from a great teacher, I still can barely slide by when it comes to the final part of a big project or writing assignment: the dreaded Works Cited page or Bibliography. All the different styles and formats, always different and always changing, it would seem. ‘MLA? APA?! Website or Online Journal? HELP!’ was once my trail of thought when confronted with this page. I’d almost prefer to do a second project than even attempt that material. Imagine (or remember) being up until midnight or later completing a project and now you have to cite and give credit to your sources. You won’t see any physical assistance until at least 8am, who knows when your teacher will get your e-mail begging for help, and you just desperately want to finish and go to bed. Well, the CLC website now offers resources to help you through this last trial. Going to the mainsite and selecting ‘Cite a Source’ will lead you to a page of options, from books you can purchase in the book store, to the quicker and free alternate website assistance.

My personal favorite amongst the links is NoodleBib, which allows you to make an account and save your citations, along with instructions and easy to use citation machines. It has an easy and appealing user interface which I like to leave open as I’m finding sources. As I find something I wish to cite or just get it over with, I fill out the information and save it to my account. However, I recommend trying out all the options so you can find one that matches yours needs and preferences.

However, as always, the traditional face-to-face assistance from librarians at the reference desk are exactly what you need.

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