Friday, March 14, 2008

Distance Librarians

Dr. Nicholas Schevera, pictured above, wanted to provide his online students with research assistance. The problem was, how could he get the Librarians to his students?

In stepped librarian, Terry Sebastian with colleague Michelle Carter (pictured above.) Terry had experimented with instructor, MaryAnn Bretzlauf and her online class in the fall. The two developed a system via Blackboard to help students with online research.

Terry and MaryAnn brought Nick and Michelle on board. The instructors, librarians, and students now collaborate together using Blackboard, online library resources, and email.

Librarians are happy to direct the students to online library resources which provide many full-text articles from journals, magazines, and newspapers. Along with articles, the librarians are providing information on evaluating web sites and information on how to develop work cited pages too.

Interested? Contact Terry Sebastian, x2469 or Michelle Carter, x2891 for more information.

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