Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Value of Librarians

Typically, instructors and staff tend to think of librarians as helping with traditional research which could loosely translate into how to use books.

In a recent article from the Houston Chronicle, found here, author Carolyn Feibel illustrates that librarians have entered the new Millennium by offering valuable tools to aide with evaluation and location of information on the Internet.

Many people can create a successful Google search but the amount of information retrieved can be overwhelming! In step the librarians - teachers of digital literacy.

Today's librarians can help you maneuver through the Internet, demonstrate how to navigate online resources, and show advanced users how to develop blogs along with much more.

Visit your library today and step into tomorrow!

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Doc Jen said...

Keep up the good work, oh valiant CLC librarians. YOu make our jobs as teachers (and students) so much easier.

A big shout out goes to Jean and Terry who helped my English 109 students (and research novices) find good sources for their Biology 121 research project.