Friday, November 09, 2007

What I'm Reading this Week

The Crucible
by Arthur Miller

What are YOU reading this week?

The time and place of Arthur Miller’s brilliant drama, The Crucible, may be a puzzling choice for today. Written in 1953, the play about the 17th century witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts spotlights the “witch hunts” of the 1950s' anti-communist witch hunts by Senator Joseph McCarthy.

The Crucible’s message about the disastrous consequences of “good intentions” reflects motivations behind numerous public policies of succeeding generations. Many are finding Miller’s allegory as a relevant reference point and critique of events of today. The play is at it’s best in its dramatic form, so choose one of these fine local productions and draw your own conclusions.
College of Lake County Librarians have
developed a display on the themes of
the Crucible throughout history.

For more information,
these are some recommended books
at the College of Lake County Library:

Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, edited with an introduction by Harold Bloom

The Cambridge Companion to Arthur Miller

The Crucible: Politics, Property, and Pretence

The Devil’s Disciples: Makers of the Salem Witchcraft Trial

In the Devil’s Snare: the Salem Witchcraft Crisis of 1692

Witch-Children: From Salem Witch-hunts to Modern Courtrooms
Read an article about Salem witch trials in Smithsonian.

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