Sunday, November 25, 2007

What I'm Reading this Week

The amateur marriage : a novel
By Anne Tyler

What are YOU reading this week?

The psychology of human motivation and interaction is, for many, an endlessly fascinating subject of literature. Anne Tyler, a master observer of this subject, utilizes the the genre of fiction to explore how people behave and why.

The Amateur Marriage spans the World War II era marriage of Pauline and Michael Anton, through years of raising with three children, coping with many issues including aging parents, the tragic loss of a child, and raising a grandchild.

The core struggle, however, is between Pauline and Michael, who are from the start, hopelessly incompatible. The pattern of their lives and their persistence and acceptance of their unhappiness will be recognized by many who married during the World War II era. Their children and grandchildren will gain some measure of insight into the mysteries of what motivated people of this generation.

Tyler's novel gave me much to reflect on in my own life. I read it during Thanksgiving week, when, freshly confronted by the enigma of my own parents' relationship, saw so much of Pauline and Michael in them.

Many of you have read this book already. I hope you will share your thoughts about it with me and others. If you haven't already read it, here is where you can find it at the College of Lake County Library.

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