Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What I'm Reading this Week

Coronado Stories
by Dennis Lehane

What are YOU reading this week?

With Halloween around the corner, I follow the seasonal theme with another scary genre: the thriller. I looked for a novel by one of my favorite writers of detective fiction, Dennis Lehane. I was surprised to find this collection of stories and a drama. The short stories that appear in Coronado Stories were written and published separately, and they appear in this volume with a play that links the characters together. It is a quick and enjoyable read, but lacks the twisted, intricate plots and characters of Lehane’s novels.

Find works by Dennis Lehane at the CLC Library.

Learn more about Dennis Lehane at his official website.

Several years ago, when his novel, Mystic River, hit the bestseller list, Dennis Lehane was a featured author at a conference I attended in Chicago. I was struck by his unpretentious manner as he spoke honestly and openly about the struggles he faced as a writer. In the intervening years, Lehane has received much acclaim for his work, including the film version of Mystic River.

Newly released this week is the film Gone Baby Gone, based on another of his thrillers. Read Roger Ebert’s review of this film. As a reader I hold my breath when a favorite novel is adapted for film. In the case of Mystic River, the adaptation proved remarkably true to Lehane’s original depiction of the gritty lives of ordinary people in South Boston. I hope you will let me know your thoughts on the film version of Gone Baby Gone, or your idea of the best and worst screen adaptations of literature.

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