Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Research Channel

from this week's Scout report

It’s quite a hike to listen to a lecture at Princeton and then take a long plane ride (or an even longer journey on a cruise ship) over to the University of Hawaii to hear a talk on globalization in the Pacific Rim. Never fear, gentle reader, as the Research Channel website is here. The Research Channel organization has been in existence since 1996, and with over 70 participating members, they have created this website to provide access to a prodigious array of talks, conferences, lectures, and so on.

Visitors to the site can go ahead and get their feet wet by just joining their programming in progress at the “Now Playing” link, or they can look over some of their 3000 titles currently available for viewing. If all of this seems a bit overwhelming, one can just take a look at some of their newer programs, which have included presentations from Texas A&M University on using general chemistry principles and a talk by the Nigerian ambassador to the United States on oil production and drug trafficking. Finally, visitors can also sign up to receive their monthly electronic newsletter, “Think Forward!”

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