Tuesday, October 20, 2009

myCLC: A Students Perspective

On Monday (October 19, 2009), you may have received an e-mail on your CLC account talking about the launch of something called MyCLC-Student Portal. Depending on the teacher you have been working with in class this semester, you may already be familiar with the CLC Social Network which works similarly to a Facebook or Myspace Account. You can friend your classmates, join class discussion groups, post questions on the boards and get feedback. A Class Calendar was also available to post about study groups or out-of-class sessions. That was the pre-release version, and now the official has been given a school-wide release.

How to use it:
1) Access the CLC Homepage
2) Locate the myCLC tab on the right side of the page
3) Follow the link to the login page, where you will enter the SAME userID and Password you have been using to access you Blackboard and myStudentCenter accounts
4) Explore!!

Logging into your account with the same CLCID and Password you've been using for CLC Blackboard and myStudentCenter, you are granted full access to all these accounts and many new features. Think of it as your CLC Dashboard. On the left, links to the main BlackBoard page, myStudentCenter, and a direct link to your e-mail account are provided. Tabs at the top enable you to roam the site and bulletin posts relevant to the everyday student are constantly updated.

I find this addition to the CLC Website is the best one yet. It possesses all the necessary links and tools to manage your account, access the various sources, and gives you the ability to friend classmates and teachers. As mentioned before, it is strikingly similar in content to Facebook and Myspace, and even comes with one of my favorite features: Profile Customization. The depth of customization is incredibly impressive as well. You can even link to your other pages, comment on friends/classmates walls, and so on. In classes I can see this site being used for online homeworks and projects as well as out-of-session discussions. I found it incredibly easy to navigate and I never had to lease the page in order to find something. Looped into this, ofcourse, is the CLC Library inwhich you can Order Books and check out the catalog and other resources (provided you know your CLC Library Card Barcode).

If you use this site and would like your teacher to use it, talk to Mr. Jeffery Varblow in Office T102.

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