Thursday, August 16, 2007

Do you know where your students...

Get their research?

Are your students using library databases, books, Google, or Wikipedia to complete that assignment? Did you know that Google only searches a small percentage of what's available on the web?

Make sure your students have the skills they need to succeed by scheduling a research session with the library for your class. Librarians can:

  • Introduce your students to library services (do you know about the iPods?)

  • Help them find books on their subjects

  • Teach them to find scholarly articles using our multiple databases

  • Offer website evaluation techniques (an essential skill for today's student)

  • Show students citation guides and resources

  • Suggest better keywords or terms to use in searching

  • And much more...

We're available for any subject, course level, time of day, or campus. Our library classroom provides your students with hands-on experience using the skills we're teaching.

Call the Reference Desk to schedule your session now! 847-543-2071

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