Sunday, January 28, 2007

Peace Corps for Community College Students

The Peace Corps is not just for students with a four-year degree.

from the website:

An associate degree and/or work experience can help make you eligible to serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer in areas such as youth development, health and HIV/ AIDS, business development and information technology, agriculture and the environment, and skilled trades. Your combination of education, willingness to learn, work and/or volunteer experience, and a demonstrated interest in one of the programs listed below can set the course for a career-enhancing adventure in the Peace Corps, enabling you to put your degree and experience to work in gratifying ways and opening new worlds of opportunity in the future.

Interested? Read more here.


Anonymous said...

Does Peace corps have any programs wich combine their UNV/UNDP Peace Corps service with the four year degree? I thought this was a priority at Peace Corps?

Michelle said...

If you search further on the Peace Corps site, try here:
there's more information for people who have four year degrees.