Wednesday, October 18, 2006

iPod or MP3

Interested in getting an iPod or MP3 player? Already have one? Want to know who owns one?

According to a
Pew Internet & American Life report:

* Men are more likely to have iPods/MP3 players than women;
* Minorities are more likely to own iPods/MP3 players than whites;
* Almost one in five of those aged 18-28 have iPods/MP3 players;
* Those who use the internet are four times as likely as non-internet users to have the device;
* 15% of parents living with children under age 18 in their home have iPods/MP3 players;

In an October/November 2006 article from AudioFile magazine, author Andrew Newman reports that "20% of Americans over the age of 12 own at least one iPod or other type of MP3 device" more than 22 million Americans.

Coming in December, the Murphy Library will be circulating iPod nanos with audiobooks.

Watch for details!

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