Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Website of the Week

Unemployment and Recovery Project
 Unemployment is a major issue in this year's presidential election.
 This Urban Institute website will help to explain the complexities of this national problem.  Check out the text, fact sheets, statistics, maps, and graphs from this unbiased, nonpartisan research institute.
Despite the scholarly approach, this information is accessible to the average person.
Unemployment: Top 100 Metros (July 2011)

The following explanation is taken from the Unemployment and Recovery project page.

The Unemployment and Recovery project is a three-year research initiative to address the critical unemployment policy challenges facing our country. The project is
  • monitoring and analyzing job creation and employment outcomes over the course of the recovery across groups, regions, and sectors;
  • assessing unemployment's impacts on different population groups, especially the most vulnerable;
  • measuring the effectiveness of public safety net programs for the unemployed and recommending and assessing program and policy changes; and
  • examining workforce development policies and programs and how they are serving the unemployed.


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