Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mouse Guard (Volume 1): Fall 1152

Have you ever enjoyed books such as The Rats of NIMH or Brian Jacque's Redwall series? Are you a fan of gorgeous and vividly colorful art? Then Mouse Guard will probably appeal to you. This book was created by a printmaker; although it isn't actually a printing, many of the techniques and styles associated with the art form shine through on the pages.

A short synopsis from Archaia Comics:
... mice struggle to live safely and prosper among all of the world’s harsh conditions and predators. Thus the Mouse Guard was formed. They are not simply soldiers that fight off intruders; rather, they are guides for commonmice looking to journey without confrontation from one hidden mouse village to another. ... They do so with fearless dedication so that they might not just exist, but truly live.
The story and wording is quite simple, some of it written in beautiful calligraphy, but it's the art that really moves the story along. It is important to pay attention to the physical differences (such as the color of their fur and their outfits) of each character otherwise it is easy to get confused about what is going on. This book can be enjoyed by children ages ten and up quite easily but it is not strictly for the younger readers; many adults enjoy reading it.

(Cover image from http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/64251.Mouse_Guard_Volume_1_)

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