Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Self-Checkout: A Students Perspective

Located on the second level of the CLC library is a kiosk for Self-Checkout, which terrified me at first. My thoughts launched back to my few attempts at using the Self-Checkout systems at my local Jewel-Osco, which resulted in embarrassment and confusion every time, regardless of the ‘practice’ (by which I mean pounding on the system and battling with the sensors that so desperately wished to weigh my items), I still failed. I have sworn off all Self-Checkouts until the other day when I decided to give the CLC Library systems a chance. I finally got to the first three volumes of Fables (kudos to the CLC students or staff who have been able to get them before me, aren’t they great?), and decided that since I had to write a blog about it anyway, I may as well get a first-hand experience. Needless to say, I was impressed. In several simple steps including a scan of my ID and books, I was printed receipt and didn’t even set off the alarms as I walked out. I was thrilled to finally checkout swiftly without feeling I was bothering anyone and I didn’t have to lug the books around as I worked. You are also able to return them by the kiosk as well.

How to do it:
1)Scan your ID under the reader
2)Scan your books barcode (one by one) and place the book or other item into black container, remove when prompted
3)Press button in bottom left corner to End
4)Receipt will print with book information and due dates under each item

Now you are free to go and leave the library with your items, and because the kiosk will deactivate them while you checkout, the sensors will not be set off. Currently, only one exists, and this gem can be found at the top of the stairs next to the copiers of the CLC library.

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