Friday, November 05, 2010

Library Tips: “Avoiding Late Fees by Renewing Library Materials”

When checking-out library materials, you are being trusted with their safety and their timely return. Think of it like this: when you’re running late for dinner, you call your family, friend, or significant other to let them know you will be late. This is essentially what we want you to do with the material you remove from the library: simply let us know it’s ok and will be returned by the next due date. You can do this in two easy ways. Note: Overdue books CANNOT be renewed to avoid fines

Online: To do this online, you will need your CLC Library Card number. Simply go to the library main website, select ‘Services’ from the dropdown menus, and choose the first option ‘Check out and Renew’. Or, Click Here. Follow the on-site instructions to easily and conveniently renew your material.

In person: Simply walk up to the First Floor Circulation Desk and request assistance from one of the great staff members. To reach by phone, call (847)543-2465.

For information on fines, please visit the Fine Information Page.

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