Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Paper/Project Season: A Students Perspective

As we enter the end of the Semester, the infamous ‘Paper/Project Season’ begins. This is the time where all the Final Papers and Semester Projects are nearing their due dates and students are hard at work to finish them in the First and Second Floor Library Computer and Reference Labs. As soon as the Library doors are opened at 8am, practically every computer desk is filled. I myself have been victim to the awkward 'stand-and-stare' as I search for an open seat to complete my report.

As always, computers are available on a first come, first serve basis. It is our responsibility as the student to complete tasks in a timely and efficient manner. Thus, I suggest being prepared for delays in computer use or possible printing issues by working on projects in advance rather than the morning it is due. Or, to avoid the 'stand-and-stare', try using one of the two Reference Computers to locate books or other resources while waiting! Good luck and Happy End of Spring Semester 2010!

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