Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Printing Costs: A Students Perspective

The new semester has been back in full-swing for just under a month now, and I'm sure you've noticed some of the big changes to the second-floor of the library. Physically, we've integrated many of our Reference Books into the main library book stacks and replaced the area with more seating and tables for controlled group-work or study! Also, the new print system and charging is officially up and running. All students were given the following with their paid tuition:
  • 250 FREE prints (duplex counts as two prints) valued at $25.00
  • After using this, it will be 10 cents per page (with duplex/double-sided prints costing 20 cents)

Color printers are still located on the first floor in the Computer lab, which is using the same log-in system as the second floor Reference Lab. Be sure to have your CLC ID Number, LogIn ID, and password either physically with you or memorized, because you MUST use these to log onto the systems. As always, don't be afraid to ask your librarians or other staff for help. Happy Printing!

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Anonymous said...

Shouldn't "there tuition" be "their" tuition?