Monday, November 09, 2009

DVD's at the Library: A Students Perspective

You can surf through the CLC Library's DVD Collection easily, along with the other multimedia, from the comfort of your seat on the online library catalog here. To locate the catalog on the library website go to then select "Research" from the menu, then choose "Library Catalog".

When it has come to actually finding the DVD on the shelf, you may run into issues. DVDs are located in two areas at the Grayslake campus library. New releases, feature films, documentaries, and other DVDs are typically located in the basement of the library (indicated by a location of "Grayslake AV" in the library catalog link listed above. Sometimes the DVD you are looking for may be located behind the Circulation Desk (this is indicated in the online library catalong by a location of "Grayslake Reserve".

The Circulation Desk is located just by the entrance on the first floor and accross from the art gallery. If you bring your CLC ID or Library Card, you can check out a DVD for up to two days on newer releases or longer for others. The friendly circulation staff behind the desk will gladly assist you in finding your media.

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