Thursday, September 17, 2009

Renewing Online: A Students Perspective

I think we can all agree that at one time or another, we’ve all forgotten to turn that book back into the library before the due date. It isn’t intentional; you just didn’t have the time or ability to get it there. Well, now you no longer have to deal with those irritating late fees that come along with that shame and guilt of a late return! The CLC Library offers library card holders the opportunity to renew their books online so you can keep it longer for that project or just don’t want the fines. By accessing the Library webpage and selecting the ‘Renew an Item' image link under the DO SOMETHING category, you can begin the process. By entering your name and the CLC Library Card bar code, you can have your book completely taken care of within minutes: No late fee, no guilty conscience!

I personally love this feature. Even if you're a student here 5 days a week, sometimes you just can't get those few minutes to drop-off the book or DVD, or you constantly forget to bring it anyways. It's convenient because you can do it from your home or even in the Computer Lab, in the event you forgot the book itself.


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