Thursday, March 05, 2009

Library Database Provides Audio Software to "Read" Article Text

This feature is ideal for those with difficulty with reading for whatever reason. The text is read by computer-driven software that does not need to be loaded onto your computer. You can therefore hear a reading of the text of any full-text article in the Wilson databases.

To access the Wilson databases, go to the database page on the library website ( Select "Wilson" from the alphabetical listing.

1. Search in WilsonWeb by your chosen subject or keyword (Example: Diabetes)
2. At the results screen- select full text- it has to be full text HTML for the audio portion to work.
3. Then select the article you want to see and go to full article view – select at the bottom of the page "Translate Full Text."
4. This opens a new window- POPUP window and the audio begins to play! You can also select to translate to a different language--like Spanish or German!

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