Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What I'm Reading this Week

The Trial by Franz Kafka

What are YOU reading this week?

My motivation to reacquaint myself with Kafka was an upcoming book discussion. I was thrilled to discover that in the ensuing years since I read Kafka's surreal and disturbing works, the original edition by Kafka's friend Max Brod has been completely replaced. For decades, Kafka's original, unfinished draft of The Trial was out of bounds to scholars, and the new editions and translations include extensive editorial notes. They entice the reader to learn more about Kafka the person and Kafka the writer.

I found the work difficult--simultaneously surreal but amazingly pertinent to the world of today.
The book discussion I attended at the Milwaukee Art Museum with my son, Drew, and my friend, Melissa, was especially enlightening as a tie-in to the exhibit of photography of the time and place of Kafk's life. I hope everyone will schedule a visit to the museum to see the exhbit and a trip to the library to pick up The Trial.

During the discussion, we met Max Samson, a puppetmaker and puppeteer, who spoke about his upcoming adaptation of The Trial at the Marcus Center for Performing Arts.

View visually rich photos at the Milwaukee Art Museum's latest feature exhibition, FOTO: MODERNITY IN CENTRAL EUROPE, 1918–1945

Learn the latest interpretations of Kafka at A Symposium on Kafka's Trial at UW Milwaukee on March 29, 2008

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