Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Learn the Basics with....

The Murphy Library owns quite a few DVDs from a PBS show, the
Standard Deviants.
SD focuses on one element: Learning should be fun!
from the website:
"Our approachable and enjoyable style helps break down complex information into clear concepts and guide the student through the material piece by piece. The Standard Deviants use cutting-edge graphics, music, and humor to help students learn and remember material. Whether it's a 3-D walkthrough of the Globe Theater or a humorous skit that teaches English Grammar, the Standard Deviants go the extra mile to grab the student's attention. SDTV is also modular. You can show an entire program or just a five-minute segment to reinforce or demonstrate a concept."
Search Standard Deviants Performing Group as an author in the Murphy Library catalog to locate the DVDs we own.

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