Thursday, February 08, 2007

New Use for a Blog

As an avid reader, I'm always interested in book discussion groups; I've led a couple, participated in a few, and eagerly await the latest Oprah pick.

In a recent article in School Library Journal, December 2006, Eric Langhorst, an innovative history instructor shared his unique class experience using the book Guerrilla Season by Pat Hughes.

What was innovative about this assignment?

The instructor and his students used a blog to journal amongst themselves while discussing the book.

Guerrilla Season is set during the Civil War in northwest Missouri and offers a detailed picture of the onset of the Civil War in this region of the United States.

Students were asked to submit entries to the blog using their own name or a pseudonym. Parents were asked to participate and the author, Pat Hughes, even joined in the discussions. As the project earned press, a history professor in Louisiana and dozens of European visitors also took part in the discussion. Langhorst also approved all comments prior to posting on the blog.

According to Langhorst, the most rewarding aspect of the blog was the input from others outside of the classroom particularly the author.
I think this project could work

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