Friday, March 09, 2007

Finding and Citing and Writing! Oh My!

Wouldn't it be great if students could find articles (including peer reviewed) in a resource that also created the correct MLA or APA citation for them?

Well, the Murphy Library has such a tool - in fact, we have two!

EBSCO and Wilson, electronic resources, enable students to email full text articles along with the correct citation.

EBSCO email/citation screen:

When a student opens their email and retrieves the article, they can cut and paste the citation into their bibliography.

In the Wilson databases they just click on the
button and this screen will appear:

Wilson email/citing screen:


* When citing is not an issue, students can concentrate on the quality of the sources used;
* When citing is made simpler, the instances of plagiarism may actually decrease;
* Google doesn't have this capability (yet);


* Creating a bibliography in this way, students will still have to alphabetize their sources for the bibliography.

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Anonymous said...

Hi -- Just FYI, you might want to check over the citation information provided by Ebscohost and Wilson Select, and any library database for that matter. We have found, in our library, that these services often make errors in how they format citations. For example, Eboschost's MLA style citations frequently use italics - underlining is always preferable to italics in MLA style. Check it over and be certain - you don't want students to receive a poor grade because the library provided incorrect citation info! Just thought you might want to know!