Sunday, November 05, 2006

gadget awards

Google Gadget Awards -- for university and college students

Attention, university and college students! If you're procrastinating on your studies, and want to dabble in some fun web design, Google Gadgets may provide a little relief. It's easy to create a gadget for the Google Gadget Awards - and we're looking for clever and creative entries from university and college students across the U.S. No prerequisite courses are required, either -- just an email address ending in .edu. We have a distinguished panel of judges who'll be judging across all categories from the "prettiest gadget" to the "gadget most likely to get you a date." How often do you get to be awarded by Commander Taco of Slashdot or Chris Anderson, Wired Magazine's Editor in Chief? And of course any gadgets you create are automatic resume-boosters, too.

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