Monday, November 13, 2006

Citing Resources

About this time of the semester, everyone gets a bit frantic regarding papers especially the bibliography section.

Let's ease your frustration level. While I can't write the paper for you, here's a fantastic tool to help you create your bibliography or work cited page.

Noodlebib by the Noodletools company is a menu driven system that aids users in the creation of a bibliography or works cited page.

Here are the steps to access Noodlebib (from home)
1) Visit the library's web page,
2) Click on NoodleBib under "Online Resources"
3) enter your CLC ID number (this is the same number you register with for CLC courses)
4) if you haven't used Noodlebib before, you will need to register; click on "New User" and create a login and password
5) Enter Noodlebib and choose your tool
If you are creating a basic works cited page use "MLA Starter;"
If you need to create an annotated bibliography, choose "MLA Advanced;"
and, if you're creating a scientific or research based bibliography, use "APA;"

Remember, you can call the reference desk at 847-543-2071 for further assistance. Librarians are also happy to sit down with you, one-on-one, and help you learn this tool.

Check out the following for further information:

CLC Writing center

The Owl at Purdue University, click here

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Russ said...

Very useful information. Thank you! :-)