Thursday, October 12, 2006

First Dolly, now what?

The Associated Press announced that the company Genetic Savings & Clone has closed its doors. The company offered cat cloning for bereaved owners who had lost a beloved pet. They apparently caused quite a stir in 2000 after cloning one Texas woman's dead cat (for a mere $50,000). After hearing the company had closed it's doors I began to wonder just where cloning is going? First there was Dolly the sheep, then pets, and now what? Could cloning be in decline?

Read up on the cloning debate:

Cloning : opposing viewpoints / Tamara L. Roleff, ed. (Reference Room, HV91 .O6x v.194 2006)
Genetic engineering / Mark Y. Herring (Book Stacks, QH442 .H49 2006)
The genetics revolution : history, fears, and future of a life-altering science / Rose M. Morgan (Book Stacks, RB155 .M673 2006)

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