Friday, September 01, 2006

Are you ready to go green?

Hybrid cars are all the rage in new car buyers. The Illinois Board of Elections has certified a Green Party candidate for governor for the first time. California and Governor Schwarzenegger may soon restrict the amount of greenhouse gas emitted by industry. Brad Pitt recently underwrote a design contest for environment-friendly and affordable housing. Willie Nelson is marketing his Bio Willie Diesel Fuel made from vegetable oils. What’s going on here?

There is definitely an upswing of environmentalism in the US right now. Individuals are changing the way they things in their daily lives in an effort to embrace eco-friendly products and policies. It’s not simply reduce, reuse, recycle anymore – it’s also solar-powered homes and insulation made from recycled denim.

So, are you ready to go green?

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Michelle said...

According to a Time article, May 12, 2006, Chicago is now among the largest users of green energy in the country. MC